Indigos, before we start with this article, I would like to ask you a few simple questions:

  • Have you been feeling extremely lonely and empty to the core lately (to the brink of tears or apathy)? 
  • Have you had old fears you thought were dead and buried come back to haunt you and run-a-muck to the point of obsession? 
  • Have you had bad dreams that tie you to old relationships? 
  • Do you feel that if you don’t have a quality relationship in your life? 
  • Do you find yourself standing in front of the open refrigerator looking for something that looks good, but nothing seems to be “right” when you eat it?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, these are just few symptoms that many indigos around the world are having and it seems to have been amped up lately. This feeling of sadness and desperation to find a soulmate is almost getting out of control and you need to know that others are feeling it too. And remember – it’s not just you! According to the latest statistics, the majority of Indigos are currently single. And unfortunately, out of the ones that are married or in a relationship, only about 6% are in happy, stable, and supportive partnerships. The other Indigos are usually in hideous relationships with spider/snake/cat ladies or male tyrants that are making their life a living Hell and they wish they were single and free! 

But, remember, this is not the way it should be and it is not the way it will be in the near future. Indigos, it is very important for you to understand that intimate relationships can only be truly fulfilling if you are with another Indigo, and also one that that is on the same “wavelength” that you are. But, if you aren’t, and if you get together intimately with an earth person (someone who is convenient just to stop the loneliness(, then this can be very destructive to both parties. Indigos, you will not get what you need out of the interaction and chances are you will be the unlucky recipient of some kind of Kundalini dumping (a process that happens when someone knowingly or unintentionally), dumps their psychic debris/poisons/fears and stresses on their partner during intimacy. This can take hours, days, weeks or even months & years to clear, especially if you don’t have a clue what happened and how to fix it.

This is also very important for you to know – when it comes to relationship, Indigos are looking for mutual respect/honor and energetic exchange that comes through high level Tantra, the art of conscious loving. Through Tantra you and your partner can move to elevated states of awareness/consciousness and truly “know thyself” in ways that nothing else can touch. What’s Tantra? Well, Tantra is the bridge to higher consciousness, and that is precisely why organized religion has tried to make all sorts of rules and taboos to regulate it. They have deliberately created so much guilt and lies about sexuality to guarantee that you will not be free to explore and express your True Nature, the authentic God or Goddess within!

Indigos know that this is true and they always long for a “soul mate” (one they love and trust to explore “the God/Goddess within” and become “one” with their partner). Magic happens when two people become one! When they become one heart… – one soul – and if you know how to command and conduct orgone energy, (the power of the Orgasm…..the power of life itself) you can change your reality and the matrix of the entire hologram! 

Indigos, this is one of the main reasons you have been kept so isolated and so disconnected from those from the Realm that you love. If your “soul mates” from the Realm came into your life, and you started practicing Creation and Re-Creation through Tantra…..this place would be totally different! We would change the social structure, extinguish the tyrants, and bring balance, peace and life force back to the earth and let Justice and Karma reign once more. My advice to you – just hang in there, see this problem for what it really is, do some of your own meditation and research, connect with other Indigos, and don’t let the energies consume you…no matter who, what or where they are coming from! 

Always use the time alone to clear your mind – as much as you can. You want to be at your best physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically for when one of your “beloveds” comes into your life. Get as many of your implants cleared out as you can. You need to understand that we are also very much aware of the different agendas that are in motion on a cosmic scale right now and why Indigos are so intertwined in it all. We are also aware of why the energies are intensifying and why Indigos are being targeted (and always working 24-7 to find all the sources and get it handled).